Wednesday, July 10, 2013

La Bella Baskets Scam | Opportunity or Hoax?

So I have been hearing a lot of buzz around this new network marketing company La Bella Baskets. So much so that I decided to do a little research myself and see if La Bella Baskets was a legit MLM opportunity or if there was a La Bella Baskets scam.
La Bella Baskets is a network marketing company that sells gift baskets in various themes. La Bella creates and ships a wide range of products, from baskets for mothers and birthdays, to armed forces care packages
La Bella Baskets Products
La Bella Baskets offers a wide range of themed gift baskets. Consumers can shop online by category for the perfect gift. La Bella sells baskets for birthdays, holidays, armed forces, preteens, employee gifts, babies, sports, pet lovers, and many other categories. They also offer candles, spa baskets, gardening baskets, fresh flowers, cookie bouquets, gourmet food items, graduation gifts, and student care packages.
La Bella Baskets Goals
“Our goal is to see you become successful and bring in the income you've dreamed about without undue stress or hassle.” – La Bella Baskets Website
La Bella Baskets Enrollment Options
Potential consultants can enroll at the La Bella Baskets website. There is a $19.95 annual enrollment fee and a monthly membership fee of $24.95. La Bella Baskets offers their consultants free marketing training. Consultants are provided with an online store for baskets and gifts. La Bella Baskets ships out all of the orders from their warehouse, so consultants are not required to pre-order merchandise. They also offer a downloadable catalog for consultants to print and use for marketing.
La Bella Baskets Compensation Plan
La Bella pays out all earnings twice a month. The earnings options include commission, residual income, and leadership bonuses. Commission ranges from 20-40%. Residual income can be earned in three different ways. Consultants can earn 30% residual on personal Consultant Memberships, Candle of the Month Memberships, and La Bella Baskets Savers Club Memberships. Consultants can also receive leadership bonuses and sales commission overrides on sponsored consultants up to 4 levels. There is no set limit on the amount of leadership bonuses La Bella Baskets Consultants can earn each month. Active consultants also receive a 20% discount on any of their purchases in the La Bella Baskets online store.
So after my research I can honestly say that there is no La Bella Baskets scam but it is in fact a legitimate opportunity and a great company for the right person looking for what they offer.
If you’re going to be successful in La Bella Baskets then you will need a method of generating unlimited leads on a daily basis, plus you need to sort out your $ cash flow $. You need to have money coming in that will support you and your business costs whilst you are building your business. This is exactly what I have taught several struggling distributors that have read about a La Bella Baskets scam to do.
  You can apply these strategies to any network marketing opportunity by the way. 
P.S. We can see that there is no La Bella Baskets scam BUT…there could be a disaster in your financial future if you DON’T find out the strategies that we teach on this Video

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  2. A monthly membership fee for a part time job? Doesn't sound that great.